January 19, 2016

gotta try...

Almond Joy Popcorn

Brussels Sprouts Bacon and Apple Galette
Coconut Quickbread

Here are a few recipes that I want to try. I'm not really great at pastry so I may go out and get a prepared pastry dough  for the galette...or I may try it from scratch. Really depends on my energy level and my culinary confidence on that particular day. It always benefits me to make it on my own because I can make gluten free variety. I have been very lucky to have a network of great bakers and cooks around me (mom) who have kept me fed over the past year-ish while I've been too unwell to really even care about what I eat. I'm slowly coming out of this and will hopefully be right back in the kitchen enjoying it as much as I always have Fingers crossed.

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  1. All my best to you for a quick recovery. Love love love.