July 15, 2017

Okay so I've been absent for a while. Here's the scoop in a nutshell: about two years ago I was admitted to hospital with a large aneurysm in my brain. During surgery to repair it there were complications that have left me with deficits that I have been trying to overcome. It has been a long journey but I am almost there. I am determined not to give up (as hard as that is). Sure, there are days when I think it's too difficult but what keeps me going is knowing that I almost died. I owe it to myself to move forward. 

The little things that I used to obsess about just seem so insignificant now. I don't care what dress size I am. I don't care how old I'll be on my next birthday. I'm just happy to be here. I realize this all sounds cliche and it has been said before...but it truly is how I feel. 

March 28, 2016

happy easter...

My father still buys chocolate Easter eggs for all the grandkids and for my sisters and me. We are all (with the exception of my little nephew) well passed the Easter egg age. But, I for one still love the chocolate part.  I am always looking for chocolate recipes. Especially after Easter when I always seem to have a bit more chocolate lying around...

Slow cooker melted chocolate I will only do this with good quality real chocolate. 

Chocolate dipped Churro sticks  You can also make this with pizza dough rolled out and cut into strips. Sprinkled with sugar. In hot oven for 10-12 mins 

Chocolate Caramel marshmallows  Need I say more? 

January 19, 2016

gotta try...

Almond Joy Popcorn

Brussels Sprouts Bacon and Apple Galette
Coconut Quickbread

Here are a few recipes that I want to try. I'm not really great at pastry so I may go out and get a prepared pastry dough  for the galette...or I may try it from scratch. Really depends on my energy level and my culinary confidence on that particular day. It always benefits me to make it on my own because I can make gluten free variety. I have been very lucky to have a network of great bakers and cooks around me (mom) who have kept me fed over the past year-ish while I've been too unwell to really even care about what I eat. I'm slowly coming out of this and will hopefully be right back in the kitchen enjoying it as much as I always have Fingers crossed.

January 9, 2016

back to reality...

Both my husband and I come from large families. So it goes without saying that during the holidays we indulge in foods that are not part of our everyday diet.  That's not to say that we follow any strict elimination diets but things like red meat, gluten, sugar, and processed foods are for the most part avoided. Having said that it is time to get  back on the wagon. I'm thinking this yummy risotto for dinner tonight. Courtesy of cupofjo.

January 5, 2016

new year...

Happy New Year! 2016 and it's in like a lion. Cold outside but very warm and toasty inside. I don't have any exciting plans for January outside of my usual routine. I'll probably catch up on some reading, organize/purge my closet and rummage through some recipes that I have clipped or saved and decide which are worth keeping. I actually received  a cookbook for Christmas that I have been coveting (and dropping hints about) for a while. I don't usually do any shopping in January but prefer to wait until March when new spring merchandise is around. Although...there are some phenomenal sales around this time of the year. So I may pick up a new sweater or two although that would defeat my closet purging efforts because I find that when I buy something on sale it tends to be an impulse buy...and what often happens with impulse buys is that they are not something I really need and so they just sit in my closet taking up space, forgotten. How's that for a run-on sentence? Anyway, my coffee is getting cold so 10/4.

December 5, 2015


There are certain times in your life where you reflect on what is important to you and you decide that you have to let everything else go. This has been that kind of year for me. In the process of healing I have learned what is and, more importantly, what is not important to me. Scarred and much wiser I  am still here. My journey is not over but I will face it and continue to grow. .

November 1, 2015


I just love this...it is reminiscent of a time where everything was elegant. Where ladies wore white gloves and men wore suits and ties. I'm not sure if this makes me sound old fashioned or non 'fashion forward' but in my opinion dressing like you put some effort into it doesn't have to mean you are a slave to anything else.  

October 11, 2015

what i am thankful for...

I really do have a lot to be thankful for. If nothing else, this year has taught me that. I have felt truly blessed. It hasn't been easy and the road ahead is still tough but I am going to continue to fight and be as strong as I can. I owe it to everyone who has seen me through this. Having said that, i am most grateful for Family Strength and Faith...

all photos: via pinterest

October 6, 2015

gluten free fig tart...

I'm always on the hunt for gluten free recipes. This one is perfect because I love figs. Both millet and buckwheat flour are readily available at most health food stores as well as some (not all) Bulk Barns.

Here is the recipe: apartment34.com